Children's Moments

Tori has fun with the kids explaining to them that we are all part of the churches body. And she sneaks in some exercise for them, too.


Don't ask me what possessed me. I just thought it would be cool to share this great Leadbelly song with the congregation. Thanks, Tori, for the chance! And, Robert, what can I say?
It's Easter Sunday and all of the talented members performed during the service. The Bell Choir started it out with "Christ The Lord Is Risen Today"
One final Easter performance for our bell choir. Morning Bells.
3rd Sunday after Epiphany CFUMCChoir performs the Anthem
3rd Sunday After Epiphany

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1 Corinthians 12: 12-31a Tori has a delightful story of an "almost Christian". Listen.
A summary of this past Sundays service, including a performance by the bell choir

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Very well directed and performed, here is our Christmas Pageant featuring our choir, our bell choir and starring our youth! Marvelous and heartwarming! Merry Christmas to all.

The rest of the service.... Christ First United Methodist Church of Wasilla enjoyed a great Christmas Pageant the Sunday before Christmas. But, the service didn't end then! We went on with prayers, hymns, and Holy Communion. One of the best things about this video is being able to hear Susan Lynch play wonderful piano. Watch this video and celebrate Christ with us.

Our SPR is conducting a survey as part of the annual evaluation of the pastor. Please follow this link to participate if you have not already done so!

The Chirst First United Methodist Church of Wasilla, AK has one of the "coolest" bell choirs! Here they are with "Greet The Dawning"

Bob Dehn and Shawn Gilland get together to perform the old gospel standard, "I Will Fly Away". Which is exactly what Shawn's pick did at the very end of the song!

The choir performs the Introit for the 5th Sunday after Easter. They also did an outstanding anthem, unfortunately our equipment didn't catch it! :(

Easter 2011 with the Christ 1st United Methodist Church of Wasilla's choir performing the Choral Anthem.

Easter 2011 with the Christ 1st United Methodist Church of Wasilla's choir performing the Introit for our service.

Reverend Tori is back for the kids on this holiday weekend. She shows them how heavy a burden can be, especially if it is in your heart. She also tells them that Christ will take away their burdens if they just ask.

Cyrus Hicks gave a great performance telling us about Joseph.
If you would like to give to CFUMC, you can now do it online! Your monthly tithes and offerings can be automatic and recurring or made once.

Reverend Robert was pleased to see how many Methodists survived the predicted , "Rapture" on Saturday. So were we! He tells a great lesson on "Growing Into It." From clothes to Christianity, and believing in Christ.

Reverend Tori is back after a couple of weeks of leisure. (She'll get me for that!) And, she comes just in time to tell us all about Jacob and Esau. Two siblings that never got along. Of course there's a lesson in the latest Tori Story. Sit back and enjoy!

Ministry Intern Lisa Talbot takes to the pulpit for this Sunday's message. She shares some very private events in her life. Events that finally enabled her to hear Christ's true calling.

Reverend Tori Hicks tells the story of Paul and how he told of Jesus. But, she tells it throught the eyes of Lily and life in the carnival.

Pastor Tori is a Nebraska Cornhusker Fan, and while the huskers are the "best" football team in the world, are they really better than anyone else, like Ohio State or more importantly God's family???

CFUMC of Wasilla sent to lay people to the Annual United Methodist Church Conference. Amy Stielstra and Lind Haynes give a precise and informative report to the congregtion.

It's a b-e-a-u-tiful Memorial Day weekend and Robert's turn with the kids!

Actually, he does a great job of getting all of us to laugh. Another splendid minute from Christ First's Holy Humor Sunday service.

Reverend Robert plays "20 Questions" with our kids. He teaches them that Jesus wanted to know how people were describing him. What did they think of him?

Robert brought in a stem of fireweed to show the kids how God works and gets us through anything.

It could be a song, a joke, a negative thought, or a person; we all get thoughts and ideas in our head. How do we use them? How do we change them? What so we really be thinking of?

Reverend Robert has the closing act in this, "Hicks Trilogy". He continues with the story of Joseph in his great style and delivery.

Reverend Robert has the kids for this week. What's in the pick-a-nick basket? You could ask Yogi but Robert has a much better story!

Lisa Talbot is on her way back to N Carolina to continue pursuing her ministry. Everything she and Joe did while they were here is said by Tori in this video. Have your Kleenex ready!!

Pastor Roberts sermon on November 4, 2012

The first time I saw Shawn he was imitating a bag pipe. I knew then he was certifiable. He proved it agains as CFUMC celebrates Holy Humor Sunday. Love it!!

Very Personal And Touching Sermon and Message, All Need to Hear

A beautiful part of our Easter service. Congregation members place "Items of the Resurrection" on the altar and explain their correlation.

Our new music director, Shawn Gilland, is doing an excellent job. What a joy he is to work with. Here is our choir singing the anthem from Youth Sunday.

Members of the congregaton read scripture explaining the meaning of the church.

Talented family the Hicks! Here's Tori acting out Genesis chapter 37, verses 1-4 and then going to verses 12-28.

In order to win, to be the best at anything, you must first be willing to be the last. If you don't take a chance you can never be the best. Tori puts it in an entertaining way as she tells us about, "Coming In Last."

Tori enchants the children with the story of Joseph. She tells of him being thrown into the well because his brothers were jealous that Joseph was his father's favorite. She also pulls off a little magic. Chris Angel has nothing to worry about!

The lesson this week surrounded the biblical story of Jesus feeding the masses with only 5 fish and 2 loaves of bread. There were even leftovers! Ever wonder why there were leftovers? Wonder(bread) no more. Reverend Tori has the story.

Tori on the "Boldness of Grace"

Tori tells stories of tragedies suffered by people. Though they never found out why God let it happen, they were able to work their way through it with God's help.

Tori delights our young 'uns with the story of Yertle The Turtle as she teaches them; to be the best you must be willing ot be the last. Tori has too much fun reading to the kids!

On Youth gave an outstanding performance of "The Least of My Brothers". Click here to see it.

On the Sunday when our youth performs our service, they also hold, "Kids Church" Darean Gilland does a great job!